We would like to inform you that we are very happy if there is anyone who want to contribute for our site.

You guys can become a contributor for this webzine with just writing an article.

So, what should you write? To know what kind of article that we published, please check it on the categories page first.


How to be a contributor ?

Please write your any articles that still related to our categories. Minimum 250 words in Microsoft Word.

If you have any citations in your article please write/cite the sources.

Send your article via email to : chakraswara.idn[at]

*Please attach your article file in your email.

Here is the email template :

Subject : Contributor – The Title of Your Article

Body Email :
Name                    : (your name)
Title                       : (title of your article)
Social Media        : (username of your social media account, twitter and instagram or one of them)


*We will respond your email no later than 3 days.

*Our team do not responsible with any error and mistakes made by contributor. Thank you very much.

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