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How To Be Cool With Basics

Most of times, being basic always looked as being underdressed, also being standard and lazy. Like just wearing a tee shirt and pair of jeans. On the other hand, most of people love to stay in basic outfits because they are simple and comfortable.

Tee shirt, jeans, and chino pants are like every man’s favorite pieces. So, these lazy but comfy outfits can be lit if you wear them in the cool way. Here is about how to rock with some basic stuffs.

Get The Right Fit

Knowing the right fit clothing for your body is the most basic thing ever. Wear the right fit makes you look more attractive, because it accentuates more of your masculinity. The well-fitted tee shirt should conform slightly to the curve of your body. If it is too loose, you won’t see the shape of your body and if it is too tight, every detail of your stomach will be visible.

For the sleeves, it should be fitted around the arms and not extending to your elbow. If you have well-built arms, look for slightly shorter sleeves or fold them so it gives a little bit sneak peek of your triceps.

Your tee shirt should be long enough to be tucked into your trousers. Also, it should be longer than your hip bone, but cover your waistband. Basically, if you can see the belt when your shirt is out then it’s too short, if it covers all part of your crotch and your butt then it’s too long. So, the right length is around until the mid-crotch area of your trousers.

The same things go for your pants. Get the right size, do not skinny or baggy. For the length, make your trousers has no break. For jeans or chinos, you can make it to have one break, or even two breaks if you like to roll your pants.

Basic Fashion
Contrast and Monochrome. pic : The Idle Man

Color Blocking

There are three things that need to be noticed to make a good color blocking for your style, they are contrast, tone, and monochrome. It can be said that color blocking is a basic key to keep your outfit as a whole looks cool and keep flowing naturally.

Contrast is about wearing two contrasting color to your outfit, like black trousers or dark jeans with a white top, or maybe a light wash denim with a black top. Easy, right?

Tone is almost like the contrast but a little bit more vague or soft. Like light wash denim with a blue top, or a grey pants with a white top, or maybe black pants with a grey top. For tone, you can play around with your personal preferences. Be fun.

Monochrome is wearing the same color for your top and also your pants. Try it, it’s cool. For monochromatic starter, you can try double black, or double denim (same color denim).

So, the key about color blocking is keep the color of your outfits complement each other. Unless you are going to a party, an event, or you are a superhero, don’t wear anything too flashy.


Details make your outfit not really boring and a little bit more dynamic. Like tuck your shirt in, roll your sleeves or pants, or you should try the partial tuck like most of bad boys usually do.

Adding details also can be like, instead wearing your normal jeans, wear ripped jeans. Those kinds of details give stronger impressions.

But don’t try too hard or too much like adding a zipper to your outwear, make the right part of your pants has different length from the left one, or maybe putting flames or animal prints motive to your pants. They are big no.

Basic Fashion
The Basics. pic : The Idle Man


The last but not least, to rock out your basic outfit is wear some accessories. Accessory is important, it makes your presentation more appealing and interesting. It’s like an exclamation point to your overall look.

Because right now you are going basic, so don’t overdo it. Keep your accessories simple, basic, but eye-catchy. Wear a watch is still important, watch is more than just an accessory, it’s like a statement.

After wear a watch you can add one or two more accessories, like ring, bracelet, necklace, belt, hat or sunglasses. If you wear more than that, it’s looked like that you are trying too hard, and your appearance will be too loud.



Have you done all of them? Congratulations, you just have upgrade up your game. So, basically right now your basic style is not just any basic without running too far away from basic.



Putu Radar Bahurekso
t : @puturadar | ig : putu.radar


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