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How To Come Up With Cool Blog Name Ideas

To make a new blog actually is not that hard, and a lot of people see that searching a name for their new blog is harder. Well, if you find it hard to name your new blog here are some tips to help you make a blog name.

Before giving a name to your new blog, there are several things to be considered. Here are two basic questions to consider firstly.

What is it about?
It is important for you to fully understand about what your blog is, what kind of issues or things that your blog gonna cover about. Is its content serious or fun? Is it about politic? Social issues? about pop culture? Review? Fashion? Health? Or photography?

How its tone is?
The second thing that you have to put into consideration is about the tone of your blog, or also you can call it the image of your blog. Like how will you write your content and make up the design? Will you write about serious analysis on your blog? Satirical critics? Fun review? Or maybe mixed?

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It is better for you to name your blog that can give a glimpse about the image and the content of your blog. After you understand about what your blog is, then it is time to find a name. Here are some tips about what you should do and not to do when you want to find some inspirations.

  1. Grab a Thesaurus

Well, Thesaurus is like a treasure chest for you to find good words for the name of your blog. Even I forget when was the last time I opened a thesaurus. Through a thesaurus, you can find better, more sophisticated, or more flowery words.

For example is word “dictionary”, there are also some words with (almost) the same meaning with it like encyclopedia, thesaurus, and wordbook. Or maybe “tips”, you can find similar meaning in the word hint, advice, and also instruction.

  1. Look At Other Blog’s Name

Look at the name of other blogs that have similar content with your blog. You can put them into consideration. Of course you are not gonna copy their name but you can feel the connection between the name and the content of the blog, the name of your competitor’s blog also can nudge you to bring more creativity into the name of your blog.

  1. Consider Different Language

To make it cooler, you can also put different language than your mother tongue to the name of your blog. Mix two different language into the name of your blog also cool, try it.

  1. Do Not Use a Trademark Name

It is better to avoid using trademark name because it usually already has specific image about the brand. And who knows, if you use a trademark name and sometime you will create a legal issue.

  1. Do Not Too Long and Too Much

Do not name your blog too long like using 8 words, because it’s more like a description or a slogan. Also do not too much, avoid using name that can stirring controversy, playing fear, or too dramatized.

Remember you are making a cool and good blog not a trash can of hoaxes.

  1. Avoid Use Word ‘Blog’

The last tips that I could offer is avoid word ‘blog’. Why? Simple, because it is not cool, sounds cheap, and downgrade the image of your blog.

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If you still can not decide the name of your blog, here are some advices and templates for example that I hope can enlighten your inspirations.

Use Related Noun

The Green Backpack (travel blog, wildlife), Suit and Cheese Cake (fashion, lifestyle), The Old Cassette (music), or The Rusty Machine (automotive, car).

Use Quirky Name (sometimes cool names start form the quirky ones)

The Crispy Couture (fashion, lifestyle), The Checkered Shirt (hiking, travel, lumberjack, or maybe streetwear), The Sleepy Popcorn (movie review, food), The Funny Loner (jokes, living alone), or Kisses On Your Shirt (dating, love).

What Your Blog About + Random Word

Fashion Pancake (fashion), The Smart Barber (hairstyle), The Traveling Plugins (travel), The Jackpot Home (housing, living tips).

Use Your Own Name

The Jane’s Diary, The Kevin’s Cafe, The Cake of Erick, or The James’ Note.

Shoutout Where You Live

Sunshine In Java, The Hidden Street In Paris, or Notes From Atlantic.


Putu Radar Bahurekso
t : @puturadar | ig : putu.radar


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