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How To Have Less Clothes

There is a famous saying by i don’t know but it is popular anyway, maybe you also know “the more the better”. Yeah, it means if you have more then it’s better.

Some people actually apply it into their fashion lifestyle. The more clothes you have, the more fashionable you are. Having many clothes make you feel safe, make you more stylish, and also make you more joyful. But, it’s actually not.

Try owning less clothes than you have today and you will surprise by how it will change you and your lifestyle. For a moment, imagine what if you have fewer clothes? Less laundry, well-organized wardrobe, and also spend less time to think about what to wear. It’s good, isn’t it?

less clothes
minimalist wardrobe. picture : Need Suply Blog

Now, let’s try it. So, what kind of clothes that you should put away from your wardrobe?

The Worn Outs

It is time for you to put away the clothes that you already own for so many years and they already stained, ripped, and damaged. What is the use for you to keep those clothes anyway?

Maybe they are comfortable. But believe me, you actualy have another comfortable clothes with so much better condition. You just feel that such a waste to wear those clothes so you keep wear your junk clothes and keep the better ones pile up in your wardrobe.

Almost The Same

Basically, each people has their own favorite colors. So, if you have many same clothes but with a little different such details or color just take them away from your wardrobe. You don’t need them anyway, look back why do you bought it. Because it was in sale? To wear on different circumstances? No, it’s actually not.

Which ones better to keep? The basic one and the best one. Keep the one with basic color and better fabric because basic color is more versatile, also clothes with good material can last longer than anything in subpar.

Outdated Design

We live in the era of fast fashion, where some designs and trends quickly changing. If your wardrobe has some racks of clothes which already outdate, it’s time for you to give up on them.

Fast fashion only make you chase new trends and you won’t stop buying new clothes. Well, it’s bad for your money, it’s time for you to have and buy fewer trendy clothes and just go with some basic, classic, and timeless pieces.

Ill-Fitted Pieces

While you are growing up maybe the body of yours also changing, getting taller, bigger, or also leaner. It’s time for you to give up some clothes which no longer fit to your size.

Okay, maybe those jiggy-baggy oversize sweatpants are super comfy to wear inside the house, and well nobody sees you anyway. You are right. But let’s try, because after you eliminates those ill-fitted clothes you still have two or three comfortable clothes that actually look good and you haven’t notice for the time being.

Then, after you do so, you will find yourself that if you are in rush and you want to still look comfortable, you will wear a better clothes than before.

Anything That You Don’t Like

After you eliminates some of your clothes according to the list above, take a look again at your closet. Are there any clothes that you actually don’t like? The clothes that turn you off?

If yes, then you also should also give up on them… And VOILA! Now, you have cleaner and tidier closet with the better clothes remain. Tomorrow you will have less time to think about what you want to wear, and you will dress yourself better both inside and outside your house.

Putu Radar Bahurekso
t : @puturadar | ig : putu.radar


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