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Chakraswara is a website with webzine (web magazine) concept. The content of this website is very varied, but we prioritize any issues related to art, culture, and entertainment. Even though we have our priorities but we also open to more various issues such as politics, social issues, humanitarian issues, and many more (that’s why we have Opinion category).

We are not news site, we are also not journalists, but we want to give some worthy and interesting articles. And we will keep doing so, because we are simply just a bunch of people who love to write. Maybe the information in this site can not be the main references, but we promise you that we are a great alternative reading site.

Chakraswara was built with a good intention that this website could became a great alternative media among mainstream medias. We hope you all can enjoy reading every article in this website.

Last but not least, do not believe everything you read, including anything from this webzine. Thank you…


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About Putu Radar


Putu Radar is the founder and main writer of this webzine.
Usually watches movie alone and currently lives in Bandung, well… it’s actually Cimahi. Prefer tea than coffee.
Loves to follow and understand about global issues, especially about cultural-wave issue.
Blogging since 2010, but made Chakraswara.com in 2015.

Putu Radar is an International Relations Science graduate.
Used to work as a barista and an online journalist at metrotvnews.com in the desk of movie, lifestyle, and art and culture.
Currently has no job and planning to take a master degree. But who knows what future holds.

Check out his social medias :
Twitter : @puturadar || Instagram : @putu.radar


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