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The Guide To 70s Menstyle

The 1970s was the most adventurous and diverse era for fashion industry, especially in the history of modern menswear. After years domination of conservative suits and dark clothing, suddenly menswear looked more colorful and luxurious.

The 70s was a romantic era for fashion, it was all about freedom, and colors variation. The era gave born to several fashion style, and brought some mainstreams such as bohemian, hippies, ethnic, disco, folk, punk, military, and unisex fashion.

Despite the fact that seventies are regarded as “anti-fashion” and the decade of “a bad taste” by some people, the seventies fashion era can be rightly called the most diverse and vibrant decade in the history of fashion.

70s Menstyle
The Retro Trend. pic : zoehawkinsstylist

Before going to how to rock the 70s menstyle, it’s better for us to understand and to decode the trends of the era. Listed here are some trends of the 70s :

The Classic Luxurious Retro : It’s all about understated elegance. Everything Elegant from suit, laid back uniform, to classic coat. Gray, black, navy blue, or brown are ways to go there.

The Boho-Chic : This is one of the most lovely styles from 70s. It has a totally carefree and relaxed vibes. Wear everything flowy and billowy that has rich patterns.

The Hippie-Chic : It has simple cuts with colorful retro patterns and don’t forget some details that give laidback touches turn into attitude.

The Ethnic / Folk Style : The style made traditional costumes from different nations became popular. But the most popular one was folk-american design. The outfit usually characterized by rich patterns, embroidery, lace and patchwork.

The Safari / Military Style : Try to wear some olive or earthy tones outfit that has several pockets with boots. Flare your outlook up with some accessories like watch, and belt.

The Urban Sporty : Some casual outfits that enriched with sport jackets, cap, sneakers, sporty tees, or jogging suit.

The Disco Fashion : This one is quite hard to pull of in this modern age. Neon color outfits, bright color combinations, or wide leg trousers. It’s very authentic.

The Glam Rock / Punk : The subculture punk that came from UK became one of the hit from 70s. Ripped jeans, biker leather jacket, rock band tee, and metallic accessories. Sometimes added by bold make-up or hairstyle.

The Double-Denim : It is about wearing denim outfit, either jacket or shirt, with jeans. The style is timeless, versatile, and easy to wear. A simple tip, it’s cooler for your upper to be in different color from your jeans.

70s Menstyle
pic : Daily Mail


The Instant Guide to 70s Menstyle

  • Buy things according to your budget.
  • Channel the 70s menstyle with some modern twist.
  • Research throughly the 70s menstyle that you want to channel, this is the only way for you to show the authentic look.
  • Buy vintage outfit and also new modern outfit, so you will not become a classic tacky.
  • Remember to flare your outlook with some details. Accessories and footwear are the best way to pull an outfit together.



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