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3 Srikandi, A Weak Story About Nationalism and Sport


Another biopic movie was released, but this time is about athletes in archery or you can call them archers. As long as i remember there are only a few movies about sport in our country, and biopic movies about sportman or and sportwoman are even fewer.

When Rio Olympic is about to start, a movie about three Indonesian archers was released. They won a silver medal in 1988 Seoul Olympic. That moment is still the biggest achievement in Indonesian’s Archery Team until now.

This month there are two big events, they are Rio Olympic 2016 and the Independence Day of a very beautiful country where its citizen are very diginified, polite, and respectful with each other. So it’s obvious that a movie like 3 Srikandi will be shown in cinemas. A movie that tells about struggles and nationalism.

This movie tells about the story of three Indonesian female archers, they are Nurfitriyana (BCL), Kusuma Wardhani (Tara Basro), and Lilies Handayani (Chelse Islan). Their winning story was still unknown due the lack of attention and interest from people and medias before the movie was shown.

The first thing that I don’t get from this movie is the title. Why is it called 3 Srikandi anyway? Srikandi is a female archer from Mahabharatha story, a Javanese legend (originally Mahabharatha is an Indian’s epic tale). Only one from 3 Srikandi is actually a Javanese, Lilies from Surabaya. Another one is from Jakarta (Nurfitriyana), and the other one is from Makassar (Kusuma Wardhani).

Each province and island also have their own hero, their own legend. Why use someone from a Javanese legend? Classic problem. Okay, let’s just go on.

Pemeran 3 Srikandi. Foto : MVP
Pemeran 3 Srikandi. Foto : MVP

The movie has big names on the cast like Reza Rahadia, Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL), Tara Basro, and Chelsea Islan. But unfortunately, instead of showing their struggle and determination as archers, the movie focuses on the drama that each character has to deal with. It’s not bad but it makes the movie obvious and has nothing special to offer.

From more than two hours, only around 20% from this movie shows us about their life as archers. There is also nothing that viewers can learn about archery such as basic technique, special terms for archery, or at least how to count points. Yeah, archery is not a very popular sport, so a lot of people still clueless about this sport.

It’s completely different case for Glory Road, Goal, or Cahaya Dari Timur. They are movies about basketball and football, those are two most popular sports so they don’t need to tell about the details of the sport such as scoring or technique. But those movies also give a lot of portion to the scenes where the sport is played.

The movie begin with the introduction of its three main characters and a little problem of National Archery Team. National Archery Team want to participate in Seoul Olympic and they need a good coach. So their solution is to bring back Donald Pandiangan (played by Reza Rahadian), a former national athlete who holds the title as Indonesian Robin Hood.

adegan 3 Srikandi
Adegan 3 Srikandi. foto : MVP

After that the movie tells about the problem of each character. Nurfitriyana doesn’t get any blessing from her father to join national team, her father wants her to focus on her final paper. Kusuma also has the same problem, but her father wants her to work as a civil servant. On the other hand, Lilies is supported by her parents but she has a love problem. Lilies’ parentss don’t approve of her relationship with her athlete boyfriend because a lot of athletes have a difficult life.

The problem of Donald Pandiangan is he doesn’t really want to be back to the world of archery because of his disappointment to Indonesia’s government. When he was still an athlete he should’ve been the national representative from the archery team in 1980 Moscow Olympic. But because of political situation, Indonesia didn’t participate in the olympic. Donald told the press that he didn’t like when political policies affect the world of sport.

In the scene where Donald told the press about his problem, his persona feels more like Habibie than Donald. But it’s only on that scene.

This movie also gives a lot of attention to the story of each character so, the story of them as a team doesn’t have a lot of coverage.

Despite the weak story 3 Srikandi has star-studded casts, such as Reza Rahadian, BCL, Tara Basro and the rising star Chelsea Islan. Their acting can show a deep emotion to the story and we can also feel deep connection between the characters.

This movie was released at the right time. This movie was released in the month when Olympic and Independence Day are celebrated. Good promotion strategy.

3 Srikandi is a production by Raam Punjabi, and a film by Iman Brotoseno. Released in cinemas since 4th of August.

Our Score (6/10)


Movie Title                          : 3 Srikandi
Production Company     : MVP Pictures
Producer                              : Raam Punjabi
Director                                : Iman Brotoseno
Casts                                      : Bunga Citra Lestari, Tara Basro, Chelsea Islan, Reza Rahadian


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