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Antalogi Rasa, A Sub-Par Soap Opera

Antalogi Rasa hits the theatre right on Valentine’s Day to provide an emotional melancholic love story about the dilemma and the roller coaster of love and friendship. Friendship and friendzone might be two things that become spectacles when one wants to approach the other one to be in a relationship.

Antalogi Rasa shows a love story that struggles, that should put friendship at stake, and love that should accept pain continuously. The movie actually has interesting premises, but the execution is not up to the expectation, both for the main narrative and how the movie ends.

Instead of a love movie, it is more like an FTV (Film Television or a one-episode-story for television show).

The story revolves around Keara (Carissa Perusset), a typical woman that most of urban-activist-women want to be, a successful, beautiful, and independent woman who has some sense of art, in this case is photography. There are also Rully (Refal Hady) and Harris (Herjunot Ali) who are also the main characters in this movie, and there is Denise (Atikah Suhaime) who barely appears and has a dialogue.

Antalogi Rasa
Movie scene. Pic: Soraya Intercine

The characters are not developing well and the relationship between characters also is not well-explained except from the lazy execution with too much unimportant monologue. There are no intense scenes that shows how every character struggle to find the love they think they deserve and secretly love their best friend.

Keara desperately falls in love with her fellow colleague who is also her best friend, Rully, who has a crush on Denise, who’s already married. On the other hand, Keara another best friend, Harris secretly loves her.

What do we get from this? We get that there are 4 characters with great visual who work in a good company and live a successful life with one problem, that is love. They have no problem in their life except love. The movie also has no conflict to tell, except love. And this movie has nothing relatable, except secretly love your best friend.

Antalogi Rasa has an interesting main premise, secretly having a crush on best friend, and how it is depicted in a dramatic and melancholic manner. But the execution makes it just a sub-par soap opera that has nothing to offer.

Our score (5.5/10)



Title                       : Antalogi Rasa
Director                : Rizal Mantovani
Production          : Soraya Intercine Film
Writers                  : Ferry Lesmana, Donny Dhirgantoro
Original Story     : Ika Natassa (Novel Book)
Casts                      : Carissa Perusset, Refal Hady, Herjunot Ali, Atikah Suhaime



By : Putu Radar Bahurekso
t : @puturadar | ig : putu.radar

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