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Bukaan 8, Honest Perspectives Regarding Family


Angga Dwimas Sasongko who usually made social issues related movies, now back with simple yet touching movie through Bukaan 8. Bukaan 8 is family drama comedy which tells a story about a modern couple in Jakarta who soon to be a parent.

Angga Dwimas Sasongko made his name through deep-researched movies that cover social issues and are presented with pop packaging. Some of the movies are Beta Maluku : Cahaya Dari Timur (2014) which tells religion conflict in Maluku through football, Fiosofi Kopi (2015) which tells the condition of local coffee farmers through friendship, and also Surat Dari Praha (2016) which tells about Indonesia’s exiles  from The Tragedy of 65 through love story.

On the other hand, Bukaan 8 is different from his previous works. This movie doesn’t really have complicated problem that related to social-political condition. Although there are some satirical jokes about social and political condition, but the story itself is quite simple.

Alam (Chicco Jerikho) and Mia (Lala Karmela) is a millennial couple. They are soon to be a parent. They both show a good chemistry, even though sometimes they also look awkward. But Alam and Mia is kind of couple that you want to root for.

Bukaan 8
adegan film Bukaan 8. foto : Visinema Pictures

The movie is started with Alam and the pregnant Mia inside a car go to hospital. Along the way Alam is busy having a debate/war at social media while driving, and Mia doesn’t like the habit of her husband. A lot of things happen during the process they go to hospital until Mia gives birth to their first baby. So many problem arise from financial problem, family relationship, until work-related problem.

Alam is a middle-class millennial husband who hold high his idealism. His works is very modern that older generation maybe won’t understand. Alam work for an indie site, and he also is a freelancer and a social media activist (well, you can call it netizen). So basically he has no steady monthly income.

The couple has reverse gender-roles, because Mia is the one who actually has steady income and acts as a family breadwinner. This is the thing that I like from this movie, there is a reverse gender-roles that cause almost no problem, beside the blessing from Mia’s parents for Alam. This gender issue appears naturally with the story, without dictate the audiences about gender status and roles. It just happens… still with an irony. Man who chasing their dreams but with no steady income has no hope, according to in-laws.

This movie also shows us modern life. Mia is actually married by accident with Alam, and yes it let us know that free sex happen around us. Sometimes we just do not want to acknowledge it, we loathe it because of our moral values and religion belief, but in the end love wins as long as it is done responsibly. (another lesson learned : please use condom if you do free sex, it is not that expensive anyway).

adegan film Bukaan 8. foto :

Bukaan 8 gives many simple utopian views such as love, family, happiness, and also gender-roles . On the other hand, this movie also gives realistic perspective about struggle, money, and work. Although in the end love wins, but you need to work hard to deserve it and also need money to protect it even to the point you must break your own idealism or get humiliated in front of your beloved ones.

The story is very simple without any epic or dramatic twist. Everything flows naturally. With its simplicity, the movie shows honest perspectives about family life. About being proud, about to be in love, about self-esteem, and also about being realistic.

Yeah, this is a touching and interesting movie, but this movie doesn’t give you a long after-effect. It’s kind of movie that you will forget after 2 or 3 days and enough to watch once.

Our Score (7,5/10)


Title                        : Bukaan 8
Production          : Visinema Pictures
Director                : Angga Dwimas Sasongko
Writer                   : Salman Aristo
Casts                      : Chicco Jerikho, Lala Karmela, Sarah Sechan, Tyo Pakusadewo



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