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Love For Sale, A Simple and Adorable Movie

The latest production of Visinema Pictures, Love For Sale, is an adorable and enjoyable movie with simple premises. Love for Sale is a simple romantic comedy movie that can be both a warning and a light of hope fot its viewers regarding one’s love life.

Love has its own dimension and its own place in every human life, love plays with its own rules that we can’t negotiate. Love is hopeful but it can also be merciless. That’s what you might feel from the movie.

Richard Ahmad (Gading Martin) is a single middle-aged man who is in need of a partner to go to his friend’s wedding. His search accidentally led him to a dating app called ‘Love.Inc’. Through the app, he is trapped in a 45 days of love-contract with Arini Kusuma (Della Dartyan), a 25 years old woman.

Love for Sale
Love for Sale. pic : google

Within those 45 days, Richard grows fond of Arini. Richard who was emotional and thrifty, now he becomes smiley and kind. Richard changes because of Arini.

The story is simple, it’s about a man who was single for a long time and then found a partner through a dating app. Although the story is simple, the movie is executed seriously. The movie is built with simplicity and honesty that everyone can relate to.

It is not only showcasing it’s love story but also the loneliness of Richard. Richard was alone for a long time and he enjoyed his loneliness. It can be said that his loneliness killed his lonesome or daily boredom. He lived perfectly fine in his own zone until Arini arrived in his life and started to ruin his routine.

Love for Sale
Love for Sale.

Gading Martin who is known for his role as MC in many television shows or his comedic role in several television dramas, gives a solid and adorable performance as a middle-aged man who fall in love. So does Della Dartyan in her debut movie performance. They both have a solid performance and perfect chemistry.

All the supporting roles also are great in their own character to help the story become more enjoyable, relatable, and adorable.

Each feelings that Richard feels are contemplated well by the movie with every detail such as BGM or cinematography. The movie reminds about what’s came and what’s gone in life and how to deal with each phases that you must overcome. In short, Love for Sale is a simple, enjoyable, and adorable movie.


Our Score (7,5/10)




Title                       : Love for Sale
Production         : Visinema Pictures in association with Stay Connected Media and 13 Entertainment
Director               : Andibachtiar Yusuf
Story                     : Andibachtiar Yusuf, M. Irfan Ramli
Casts                     : Gading Martin, Della Dartyan, Verdi Solaiman, Torro Margens, Albert Halim






Putu Radar Bahurekso
t : @puturadar | ig : putu.radar


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