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Why You Should Start to Read or Watch Death Note


It’s been years since the first time i knew Death Note. The first time i saw its manga cover, it didn’t really attract me, but the cashier of the book rental that i used to rent some books (manga) really recomended Death Note to me.

It was on 2007 if i’m not mistaken, the first time i read the manga and my mind was blown away. Once i finished reading all the books, Death Note became one of my favorite mangas. And then i read it again and again for numerous times and i never get bored of it.

Not only read the manga, i also watched the TV animation series, and also the live-actions. And now I can’t resist myself to share why i really love the story that was created by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba. So, here are some reasons why you, who read this article, should start to follow the story either the manga or the anime. (warning : there are some spoilers).

1.Simple but Sophisticated

Death Note
The rules. pic :

The basic storyline of Death Note is actually simple. A pretty-faced genius highschool student named Light Yagami playing cat and mouse game with a world-renowned quirky detective named L. Without knowing each other’s identities they try to outsamrt each other. Simple.

What make it cool and sophisticated is the existance of a book called Death Note. A mysterious book which has a magical power. If someone’s name is written on the book, that someone will die. Light is the owner of the book, he hates injustices and crimes so he begins his judgment to sweep out immoralities from this earth.

On the other hand, L is on the opposite polar of Light. L thinks that what Light does are also crime, so he begin to catch the owner of Death Note and put him to jail.

2. The Battle of Geniusses

Death Note
L and Kira. pic :

Death Note is like a textbook of mystery-thriller genre. One of the most important things from this kind of genre is a genius who make sharp analysis. Death Note offers us the battle of geniusses, the geniusses confront each other with analysis, psychological tricks, and even wits.

Not only one or two geniusses exist in this story, but three, no, maybe it’s four. Seeing a showdown where the most genius people on this earth confront each other is fascinating and intriguing.

3. Challanging Beliefs

Death Note
Kira for justice. pic :

Every time i finish reading Death Note, i always ask myself, “what would i do if i have a Death Note?”. Some of my friends who read this manga also think the same question. We unknowingly put ourselves inside the story and emphatize with some of the characters.

Do you agree with what Kira do with his Death Note? To what extent? Or do you 100% support L? What if you have Death Note in your hand? This book is full of grayness or something in between. And after i read the manga several times i realized that Death Note is not about good vs evil, but more complicated than that.

4. Alegory of Life

Ryuk is bored. pic :

Yes, Death Note is more complicated than good vs evil. Because it’s basically showing the alegory of life, precisely the alegory about how the world goes on.

Light Yagami, who more well-known as Kira, starts to begin his judgement by writing the name of the criminals on the Death Note. But, a lot of people turn out support the action of Kira, they feel like the world become more peaceful, Kira do his job better than police. He even has his own worshipers and also hard-liners.

Maybe some of you hate that Kira is the main character of this story and he even get a spotlight like a savior. But there are character like Amane Misa and Toru Mikami, both of them  are Kira’s worshipers and hard-die fans. They become the fans of Kira because Kira killed the criminals who was once ruined Mikami and Misa’s lives in the past.

Kira also succesfully outsmart L and succesfully makes L dies. Good side is not always win. At the end Kira is losing, when he faces two others geniuses who in the first place are the successors of L.

The story shows us that good and evil is not something you build by your own belief, or even by general statement of majorities. Everyone has their own point of view of what is right and what is wrong, and no one can make the concept of good and bad become general.

5. Cute Characters and Funny Moments

Deth Note Character. pic : watchdeathnoteanime

In the middle of its gore story, there are some moments that can make the readers smile. Death Note also has some funny moments. Not only funny moments but also cute characters.

L, the great detective is quirky and unatractive , and then Amane Misa is cutely childish who love to play and make some scene feel lighter. Ryuk, the shinigami (god of death) who follows Light is also quite funny and slow at thinking despite its punk-rock appearance.

Although it has a lot of gore and thrilling story and plot, but it won’t make you bored and tired after reading all the books.

6. Great Villain

Kira and Ryuk. pic :

Light Yagami really does a good job as Kira. He is a villain (truthfully i prefer to call him anti-hero, but for the sake of moralist out there who hapen to read this article i’ll refer him as villain) but he is the main character.

He even successfully outsmart L and after L dies, he makes himself the head of detective’s group who chase over Kira, while the other ordinary detectives do not have a single clue that Light who becomes the successor of L is Kira himself.

But L has his own succesors, the ones who called N and also M. Just like many other story, at the end Kira lost. But when the villain is this good like Kira, you end up rooting for him and don’t want him to die.



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