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Why You Should Start to Read or Watch Death Note


It’s been years since the first time i knew Death Note. The first time i saw its manga cover, it didn’t really attract me, but the cashier of the book rental that i used to rent some books (manga) really recomended Death Note to me.

It was on 2007 if i’m not mistaken, the first time i read the manga and my mind was blown away. Once i finished reading all the books, Death Note became one of my favorite mangas. And then i read it again and again for numerous times and i never get bored of it.

Not only read the manga, i also watched the TV animation series, and also the live-actions. And now I can’t resist myself to share why i really love the story that was created by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba. So, here are some reasons why you, who read this article, should start to follow the story either the manga or the anime. (warning : there are some spoilers).

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